2015 F-150 Spotted Testing!

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2015 Ford 150
There’s a new F-150 coming next year! Exciting as that may be in it’s own right, we still don’t have an idea of how it looks. Luckily, spy photographers have snapped a few pictures of the new truck testing on the road. It’s shrouded in heavy black camouflage. That makes me think that the body will be a significant departure from the current F-150. All the major design lines, like that little kink in the side windows, are covered up. I gotta say though, those headlights look an awful lot like the lights on the Atlas concept.

Also, if the rumors are true, the new F-150 will have an all aluminum body as well. Lighter weight means better performance. Aluminuim, however, is more expensive than steel. Both materials have their ups and downs, but should Ford switch to aluminum, you can count on the price of the F-150 going up. It probably won’t be outrageously expensive, but they’ll likely charge a bit more.

Can make anything out underneath that camo? Let us know in the comments! More photos are available on Autoblog.

via [Autoblog]

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