FAVORITE FORDS: 1976 F-100 is a Blacked-Out Trail-eater

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Ford F-150

This F-100 is big, bodacious, and in your face. And, boy, do we love it for that.

One could make the argument that all full-size Ford trucks have a “presence” about them. But some trucks are just downright scary, intimidating and impossible to ignore. We’re talking about trucks like this blacked-out, beastly 1976 Ford F-100 that was recently sold online. While we are not the lucky new owner, we remain in awe of this monstrous Ford vehicle that looks like it could easily scare that Jeepers Creepers guy’s “Creeper Truck” right off the road.

Ford F-150

PPG Jet Black is the perfect color choice for such a truck, and the dark theme continues to the matte black accents. Even the bumpers and grill-surround have been fogged in black bedliner-spray, both for looks and durability.

Those giant meats are 38×15.50 inchers, which help this lifted truck sit even higher. The original 360 V8 still sits under the hood, but it’s received a mild rebuild. Bolt-on parts like an Edelbrock intake and carb, along with a set of headers, bump up power a bit over stock.

Ford F-150

So, if your idea of fun is more along the lines of scaring small children and animals rather than a long walk on the beach, we might have just found your ride. This F-100 is big, bodacious, and in your face (literally, thanks to that stance). And, boy, do we love it for that.




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