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Q - which gear for towed vehicle

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Q - which gear for towed vehicle

Towed vehicle is front wheel drive. Should I leave gear in PARK or NEUTRAL if I use tow dolly? What if I use a tow bar (all 4 wheels on the road)? Thanks.

I am pulling the front wheel drive with F150.
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First question to ask is how does the towed vehicles owners manual say to toy it. As an example, the 09 F150 4x4 says don't tow with any wheels down, which would mean a trailer or flat bed truck. definitely with a front wheel drive, you should be able to tow with the front on a dolly, but the owner manual would be the one to say how. As for what gear, it should not matter if the front is on a dolly as the wheels would be strapped down to the dolly and cannot turn anyway.
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I did some googling and learned how to tow a front wheel drive with a tow bar, all 4 wheels on the road.

1) Connect a pump to the transmission and circulate the oil (for cooling).
2) Disconnect axle from transmission. A special decoupler permanently installed.

Neither is easy to implement. Now I know why U-haul rents tow dollies. It's much easier to put the front wheels up on the dolly.

And, as KF wrote above, check the owner's manual always.
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glc is online now
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Flat towing with 4 wheels on the road is not legal everywhere.
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