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What exactly comes with the stock Ford Tow Package?

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What exactly comes with the stock Ford Tow Package?

I have a 2006 supercrew that came with the "Tow Package", (Tow and Go discount). I have the 5.4L with the 3.73 axle. What exactly comes with the stock tow package?

I'm also looking to get a trailer brake controller. Does the tow package help with this, i.e., easier to hook up, etc?

I'm new to this so any help would be great. Thanks!
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Old 09-04-2006, 09:05 PM
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2 relays and a plugin with wires too hook up for the brake controller wires.Some brake controllers you order you can get a prewired plug for it free or pay $10 bucks for it. I got the Prodigy Brake Controller with a prewired plug free with it.
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Thanks, found the wiring and the relay. Someone recommended the Prodigy to me, as well. It looks kinda pricey to what I've seen, but if it's worth the dough, I'm fine with the price.

I've read some people having problems installing, as far as leveling goes etc, what do you think of yours? I found a web site offering the quick connect free, too.

Thanks again.
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It setup easy,they give you a lot of angles to work from for a easy install.Remember you get for you pay for,the cheap ones are a pain too install from what I've read from others who went that way.I went with the Prodigy from what the other members said about how good it was and this site has a lot testers whos been there on doing stuff to thier truck,so they know if something is good or not.Hope this helps you out.
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I've got to echo what Wildman says. Price shouldn't be a factor on choosing a brake controller. How much does your truck cost? How much does what you're towing cost? So, if the Prodigy is $25 - $50 more than the other controllers, what have you saved by going with the cheap one if you spend a bunch of time getting it properly connected and need to continue adjusting it on the road?

There are probably better controllers out there, but from what I have gathered, they are significantly more expensive and are geared toward towing situations you won't likely encounter with an F150.
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You should have gotten the Tow package install directions in the glove box, which shows what comes with it, and where things need to be installed.

'04+ MY trucks only need one relay installed, the remainder is good to go.:

If you did not get the directions, drop me an email via my profile, I can send you the PDF of the '06 trailer tow install directions ( also have the '01 version in case someone needs that ).

I went with the Reese Brakeman ( think that is the correct name ) ctrl'r for my '06. No leveling of the unit required, and it unplugs for storage in the glove box if you want to":

Few more install pictures in the interior album in my gallery, if you want some more options.
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